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I'm Telling! What Every Mother Should Tell Her Daughter


Mother ~ Daughter relationships are the greatest gifts ever!

I can't think of anything on earth more important than Avery and Payton. As the mother of two very intriguing young women, I am face with countless challenges that serve as my personal confirmation of fruitful parenting; as being a great mother and role model to my daughters is vital to my personal success.

When my daughters were born, I fell in love with them on first site. They were surely the perfect little bundles of joy. I eagerly watched as they learn to walk and was captivated by every word they said as they learned to talk. But as they grow into young women, they occupy a special place in my heart and I have become eager to protect them from the world and its evil thorns. If it is true that they look to me for guidance and appropriate conduct to navigate through life, then it is vital that I equip them with the necessary tools to grow into great young women. The personal experiences, good and bad, that I've had to endure can help my daughters avoid many pitfalls and heartaches during their journey to womanhood. Experience is the best teacher, right? This book will help to create dialogue between mothers and their daughters and build a solid relationship of mutual trust and respect.

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